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Register your company, personal or fun domain name today. provides domain names with 450RS or 9USD or 35 AED per year. it cost less to buy a domain name with Some competitors charge 1000RS or 20USD or 75AED. offering life time free domain name with its Hosting package.

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website hosting packages

#1 in low cost and reliable Web Hosting. provides low cost web hosting services. We serve small businesses and personal businesses in all over India, Sri Lanka, UAE, KSA and more. Hostinme utilizes high speed OC-3 connections from multiple bandwidth providers to ensure fast & reliable connectivity.

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classifieds data service

Easy & affordable solutions for classifieds website owners.

RAHMANZ Web Solutions is specialized in providing digital data to classifieds portal. charges are affordable. charges are starting from 25 USD per month. for more details, contact our sale executives on sale at rahmanz dot com or visit

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web Site Design

The creative team at RAHMANZ Web Solutions is committed to completing web site development projects that translate into powerful sales and informational tools for the client. Each project incorporates business strategy, usability, functionality, marketing and user psychology so that the end result performs as well as it looks.

Web Site Design

Your visitors' first impressions of your web site should never be their last. The design professionals at Web Solutions approach every "canvas" with these goals in mind:

* Inclusion of compelling graphics optimized for visitor responsiveness and brand recognition
* Design of a site "road map" that emphasizes usability and positive response
* Deployment of a navigation based on successful user experience
* Home page design that quickly engages the visitor and identifies the brand
* Integration of design elements that bolster sales and leads site-wide

domain names

What's in a domain name? A lot more than you might think. Your domain name can be your first impression, your face to the outside world, and your new marketing plan. Learn more about what domain names are, why you should take the time to choose a good one for yourself, and how to go about it.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is an address for the Internet. It helps people find your web site. Just as homes and businesses have street addresses, all web sites have domain names. The RAHMANZ! domain name is
A domain name is made up of two parts, typically preceded by www. Let's use as an example:
* The first part, rahmanz, is a unique name that represents the web site.
* The second part, com, is the extension, and stands for "commercial." There are many extensions available, though .com, .net, .biz, .info, and .us are the most popular extensions in the United States. is established in 2003 to provide any types of web service solutions.

things to know!

For many organisations their Web site is now an important part of the way they do business. In most situations it can be the first point of contact a new customer will have with you. So it is important that your Web site clearly and concisely reflects your business, values and products.


There are two essential elements to a good Web site, both of which are equally important. Firstly, good and innovative design ensures that the site is memorable and encourages the viewer to explore beyond the home page. Secondly, the functionality and programming that underpin this.


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